Water Filtration

          There are a variety of filtration systems to choose from such as point-of-use reverse osmosis and whole house filtration. once we have collected a water sample from your home, we will have it tested to determine the exact filtration system needed to provide the cleanest water available throughout your plumbing system.

             This is an essential solution to prolong the life of your pipes and fixtures. It makes cleaning your fixtures a breeze too! Because your water will be free of corrosive particulates that make cleaning them a drag.

Clogged Drains

               All clogged drains are first approached by a mechanical means to relieve the immediate problem such as routing with a cable and knives to drill a hole through the stoppage or hydro-jetting method to completely blast the stoppage out of the line.

               In  most cases the clog can be flowing free with-in an hour of arrival and service is always backed by a *90 day or 3 year stoppage-free guarantee!

           Once we have cleared the line, we will seek out the cause of the stoppage by using a drain camera, fiber-optic-sonde technology, that allows our technicians to clearly see the problem and provide a permanent solution to eliminate frequent clog issues at no additional charge. We can even send a video to you email to keep in  your files.


Water piping repair & installation

           In the case of a leak, we will make a repair or replacement on the pipe with the best material available with workmanship that will last a Lifetime.



Repair/replace/install plumbing fixtures​

            If you have a one-of-a-kind plumbing fixture that needs repair, we have the knowledge and expertise to track down the parts necessary to make the repair.

           We always carry the more common fixtures and their repair kits along with a variety of garbage disposals and water filtration options, on our trucks to curtail the duration of our presents so that you can get back to your schedule.



Water heater repair & installation

            Our Water Heaters are built to last and have a self-cleaning technology that extends the life of the heater. All water heaters are garnished with a Lifetime Warranty on all residential inspection ready installations. If Your water heater breaks down we'll replace it at no additional charge, period.



Water and gas meters    

            Emergency water and gas shut-off valves are most appreciated in times of unexpected pipe failure due to age, unregulated water pressure or water regulator malfunction, settling of homes, and wildfires.

(Remember: When you purchase a home, it is your right to request that an emergency gas shut-off valve be installed before closing, most counties in California mandate this installation).




(* 90 Day & 3 Year Stoppage-Free Guarantee Applies to Residential Drains Only)














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